Tanning Tablets Reviews – What They Really Can Tell Us About Various Brands

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One thing prospective users of tanning tablets discover is that there are a wide variety of brands available.

And with each brand claiming to be the best, it can be very difficult to separate the good ones from the bad ones.

One way to understand the market and begin to discern which brands are more reputable is to read all the tanning tablets reviews that you can find.

One way to find the reviews is to simply type into Google the search words – tanning tablet review.

Then it is up to you to read each tanning pill review and determine 1) if it is believable and 2) if it accurately represents the product.

Not All Tanning Pills Reviews Are the Same!

It probably shouldn’t surprise you to learn that some tan tablet companies create their own reviews.

picture of go to shop buttonTanning tablet reviews can be a powerful marketing ploy and so companies want to take full advantage of that.

If you see a lot of reviews that sound similar, that use similar language, then you can probably assume that that tanning pill company has created its own reviews.

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But don’t let this stop you from reading tanning pill reviews, even if some companies fudge the truth and create their own reviews, many others do not.

That means that most reviews can still provide you with valuable information about which tanning tablets are the best.

Separating the Good Tanning Tablets from the Bad

In doing our own search of tanning pills reviews, we discovered that products that use beta-carotene receive worse reviews than other products.

picture of go to shop buttonAccording to the majority of the reviews, tanning tablets with beta-carotene produce an orange tint on the skin that does not look real.

Here is a sample review:

“I can’t believe I actually spend my hard-earned money on this trash! I look ridiculous. I bought beta-carotene pills to get a tan for my sister’s wedding and now I’m going to look like a clown. I was up all last night crying. I can’t get rid of the tint. There is nothing I can do. So I’m writing this review to let others know to stay away from products with beta-carotene – the tans they produce do not look real!”

Here is a review of another product with beta-carotene:

“Wow, I basically overnight went from looking normal to looking like an orange popsicle. I would cry if I didn’t look so funny. My buddies are teasing me like crazy and I don’t want to go out in public. Buying these was the worst mistake I’ve ever made. Never again!”

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So if You Shouldn’t Buy Products With Beta-Carotene
What Should You Look for Instead?

According to the reviews we studied, including those for our own Teesora tanning tablets, you should look for products containing some combination of L-Tyrosine, Copper and PABA. Our own Teesora tanning pills contain all three of these ingredients.

picture of go to shop buttonHere is what some reviews have to say about Teesora tan tablets:

“I love how natural the tan looks. My skin is so much darker – it looks like I went to the beach for a week but the truth is I haven’t even left my house.”

Here’s another review of Teesora tanning pills:

“These tanning tablets really work. I’ve tried four different brands now and these are by far the best. My skin got darker fast and the tan looks completely natural.”

According to many reviewers, some tanning tablets can actually produce even more benefits than just darker skin.

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For instance, here is a review written by a loyal user of Teesora:

“First, just let me say that I was really hesitant to try tanning tablets. I just didn’t believe that they worked. But I’ve now learned differently. They do work – or maybe I should say that some of them work.

Specifically, I have had great results with Teesora tan tablets. These pills have helped me get a dark, natural-looking tan without having to lie outside or in a sunbed.

picture of go to shop buttonNow here is where my story gets more interesting. Since I’ve started taking the tanning pills I’ve noticed some other benefits.

For instance, my hair is thicker and healthier. By that I mean it has more bounce and a natural shine. I love how my hair has looked since I started taking these tanning tablets.

But that’s not all, my nails are also stronger and thicker. They used to crack and chip all the time but not anymore. Now my nails are really strong and so I don’t have to spend as much money getting them done.”

That reviewer wasn’t the only one who has experienced additional benefits with Teesora tanning pills.

“First, just let me say that I love the tan that I have gotten from Teesora tanning pills. I think my skin looks great. But I also wanted to report that since I’ve been taking Teesora tan tablets I’ve been eating less and as a result, I’ve lost weight. I just don’t feel as hungry since I’ve been taking the pills. So now not only do I have sexier, tanner skin but I’ve also lost 6 pounds. I really feel good about myself and my thinner, tanner body.”

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Obviously, Teesora tanning pills weren’t created to produce these other benefits – they are intended to first and foremost help users get tanner skin. But it’s important to note that Teesora tanning tablets contain all-natural ingredients and these ingredients do have other benefits for the body.

picture of go to shop buttonSo when taking Teesora tan tablets you may experience other benefits – like thicker hair or stronger nails or a reduced appetite.

The bottom line is before you buy any tanning pill you should go online first and see what actual users are saying about the product. Does it really work? Does it produce a natural tan? Does it work fast or does it take a while? Are the pills easy on the stomach?

Reading reviews can help you get answers to these important questions. To learn more about Teesora tan tablets visit our homepage.