Tanning Tablets Side Effects – What Are They & What Can I Expect To Happen?

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Thinking about taking tanning tablets but worried about the side effects?

Well, in the case of some tanning pills, like our own Teesora tanning tablets, the known side effects are actually a good thing and not a bad thing.

Let us explain …

Tanning Pills Side Effects Revealed

There are side effects that have been associated with various tanning pills. For instance, pills that have either beta-carotene or canthaxanthin among their ingredients cause an orangish tint on the skin that may make the user regret buying that product.

These ingredients can also cause discolouration of stools and more. Here’s what Drugs.com says about the side effects of these cheap tanning pill ingredients:

“Some adverse effects reported with tanning tablets include discolouration of the stool, palms of the hands, and soles of the feet; GI discomfort; canthaxanthin-induced retinopathy; and at least 1 case of aplastic anaemia. In short- and long-term animal studies, the LD50 for canthaxanthin in mice, rats, and dogs has been found to be greater than 10,000 mg/kg.”

By the way, canthaxanthin-induced retinopathy is a condition where the person due to excessive exposure to canthaxanthin develops yellow to red crystals surrounding their macula and their vision worsens.

Look what webmd.com says about canthaxanthin:

“Canthaxanthin is LIKELY SAFE when taken by mouth in food amounts. However, it is LIKELY UNSAFE when taken by mouth in amounts needed for artificial tanning. Some people who have taken canthaxanthin for these purposes have experienced eye damage and vision loss.

At high doses, canthaxanthin has caused a serious, potentially fatal blood disorder called aplastic anaemia. Canthaxanthin can also cause diarrhoea, nausea, stomach cramps, dry and itchy skin, hives, orange or red body secretions, and other side effects.”

The truth is only cheap tan tablet formulas use inexpensive, potentially dangerous ingredients like Canthaxanthin. If you want a deep natural tan that is also safe look for products that contain Copper, PABA and L-Tyrosine instead of beta-carotene and canthaxanthin.

Copper, PABA and L-Tyrosine are safe for the body and promote better production of melanin in the body so that users get a better overall tan.

So what are tanning tablets side effects?

They Produce Good Side Effects Not Bad!

That’s right, certain brands of tanning tablets, like our own Teesora, actually produce positive side effects and not negative ones.

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Let us explain: Teesora, which contain Copper, PABA, L-Tyrosine and other ingredients, have been shown to:

  • Make the user’s hair shinier and thicker
  • Make the user’s nails stronger and thicker
  • Suppress the user’s appetite so that he or she finds it easier to lose any unwanted weight

picture of go to shop buttonThese are all good side effects. There are no known negative side effects with using Teesora tanning tablets.

Now let’s compare these side effects with the side effects associated with tanning outside or in a sunbed.

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Side Effects from Tanning With UV Light

The American Cancer Society says, “UV rays, whether they come from indoor tanning or the sun, can also cause wrinkles, rashes, and dark spots. And tanning is particularly dangerous for the young. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people who begin tanning during adolescence or early adulthood have a higher risk of melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer.”

picture of go to shop buttonIt goes on to say that “according to CDC research, indoor tanning is especially popular among young women and teenage girls. One big reason is they believe they look more attractive and healthy with a tan. Many teens and their parents think getting a tan indoors is safer than tanning in the sun. But UV rays damage skin no matter where they come from. The most dangerous types of UV rays can actually change the DNA in cells, which is what experts believe causes most skin cancers. Weaker UV rays, though less likely to cause cancer, are linked to long-term skin damage, including wrinkles and changes in texture.”

Now that we’ve taken a look at the side effects of tan tablets and of tanning with UV light, let’s take a closer look at tanning tablet’s main effect.

The Main Effect: Darker Skin

You may be wondering how tanning tablets work? Basically, they promote the release of more melanin inside the body.

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Melanin is a pigment which makes the skin darker. In the past, people have released this pigment by lying out in the sun and sunbathing or by visiting a tanning salon.

Exposure to the light causes the pigment to appear in greater amounts in the skin.

picture of go to shop buttonHowever, sunbathing is tied to a number of negative side effects, including sunburns, ageing of the skin, including wrinkles and sunspots, and other skin damage.

That has led researchers to search for other methods to get darker, tanner skin without the risks associated with UV light.

Tanning pills are the result of all that research. Unlike spray-on tans and tanning lotions, they are not messy. And unlike UV light, they are not dangerous to your long term health.

Users protect their health and also save time and money as tanning with UV light can cause you to lie outside for hours or spend money on sunbed appointments.

This is important because …

More People Believe Tanning Makes You Look Better

In study after study, people continually say that even a light tan looks better than ghostly white and that darker skin can give a person a radiant glow that sends their level of attractiveness soaring.

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The question would-be tanners have to ask themselves is whether they want to get that improved skin colour with the risks associated with outside and sunbed tanning and the accompanying exposure to UV light.

picture of go to shop buttonOr if they want to get darker skin through the safe, possibly even health beneficial method of taking tan tablets like Teesora.

That decision can have a dramatic impact on a person’s long-term health. To learn much more about Teesora tanning tablets and their ingredients, visit our homepage.