Tanning Tablets Without Sun – How to Get Darker Skin Without Leaving Your House!

We live in a world where convenience is becoming more and more valued – so what could be more convenient than being able to get a tan without spending hours lying outside or paying money to use a sunbed?

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That’s the premise behind a new line of tanning tablets. That’s right, people can now get darker skin using tanning tablets without the sun. Imagine getting darker skin without going out in the sun at all and without having to lie in one of these little sunbed tubes that kind of resembles a space-age coffin.

How Do Tanning Pills Work?

Instead of relying on potentially dangerous UV light to draw out melanin in the skin so that it becomes darker, tan tablets use natural ingredients like L-Tyrosine, PABA and Copper to increase melanin production.

The result is darker skin without the time spent outside or at a tanning salon.

picture of go to shop buttonSo far, many users have been surprised by the quality of the tans that can be obtained simply by taking a supplement. For instance, here is what Sophia had to say about her experience using tanning tablets:

“I’m really impressed with the golden brown tan that I’ve gotten without lying out in the sun at all. I used Teesora tanning pills and for me, they really did the job. I highly recommend them as a safe way to get a tan.”

But Are Tanning Pills Safe?

As Sophia just touched on in her quote above, tan tablets have quickly gained a reputation for being a safe way to get darker skin.

But is that reputation well earned? The truth using tanning tablets that contain all-natural ingredients can be safer than exposing the skin to UV light.

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UV light has been associated with a number of skin conditions, including the ageing of the skin through the development of wrinkles, sunspots and more. Prolonged exposure to UV light can also lead to skin cancer, a very serious illness that can ultimately result in death.

According to cancerresearchuk.org, using sunbeds can increase your chances of developing skin cancer by 16% to 20%.

Tanning tablets aren’t just safer than lying outside and using sunbeds, those that contain all-natural ingredients may also deliver extra benefits to users.

picture of go to shop buttonFor instance, our own Teesora tanning tablets, which is the same brand that Sophia took, have helped thicken hair, strengthen nails and even reduced appetites, according to reports from a variety of users.

Best Tanning Pills Without Sun

According to research, to get a good tan the best tanning pills without the sun to use are ones that contain those ingredients we mentioned earlier –  L-Tyrosine, PABA and Copper – and that stay away from beta carotene and canthaxanthin.

The two latter ingredients – beta carotene or canthaxanthin – have been known to produce fake-looking orange-ish tans that users instantly regret having as they make them look “odd” and “funny.”

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Here’s what Joe, a recent tanner, had to say about his use of a product containing canthaxanthin.

“Taking these was the worst mistake ever. I looked ridiculous and was mercilessly teased by friends and family. I’ll never make that mistake again – I basically couldn’t go anywhere for a week because of my orange looking skin.”

picture of go to shop buttonTo make matters worse, excess consumption of canthaxanthin can lead to more serious health issues. For example, users can develop canthaxanthin induced retinopathy, which is where crystals form in the eyes and obstruct vision.

So What Are the Best Tan Tablets to Use?

Our own Teesora tanning tablets have numerous positive reviews. These tanning pills contain L-Tyrosine, PABA and Copper and do not contain beta carotene or canthaxanthin.

Users say they receive a natural, golden brown tan that looks just the same as if they had spent a week or more tanning at the beach or in the backyard.

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Only with Teesora tanning pills, they don’t have to waste all of that time lying outside and they don’t have to put their bodies at risk by using a sunbed.

Here’s what a recent user of Teesora tanning tablets has to say:

“The whole idea of being able to get a tan without exposing your skin to sunlight or using a sunbed sounds preposterous but it’s true. We live in amazing times and getting tanner while staying inside is just another terrific advancement that our society has made.

picture of go to shop buttonI’m a science major at a prestigious college here in the UK and as a result, I spend most of my time in the classroom or in the library studying. I just don’t have much time to tan and as a result, my skin was looking pretty pasty white – so I thought I would try tanning pills.

Teesora tanning tablets really worked for me. I got tanner without the time commitment and without the hassle of using tanning accelerator and enhancers creams.

I have friends who get spray-on tans frequently but I’ve seen the uncertainty of quality that comes with those. They can streak; they can rub off on clothes. To me, tan tablets are a much better, much safer use of your money.”

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So getting tan inside may seem like a science fiction story but it is true today thanks to safe, all-natural tanning tablets like Teesora.

Users simply take the recommended dosage each day to develop the level of skin darkness that they want. The effect is gradual so that users can see the changes. When the user hits a level they like they can cut back on the usage of the product and shift into a maintenance mode to keep their tan.

picture of go to shop buttonIf they later decide to go darker they can go back to taking the recommended dosage. It’s a fast, easy way to get tan without the fuss and muss of other methods. It can also be much less expensive than using a sunbed or taking a vacation to a tropical area with lots of sunlight.